How to Make at least $35,000 Annually With Work at Home Careers

Given the nature of the pandemic and other contributing factors, work at home careers have increased in popularity and availability. Remote work careers allow workers to eliminate their commutes, spend more time with their families, complete daily household tasks during their lunch breaks, get more exercise, and even find the time to take on more side gigs for extra income.

If you’re ambitious about choosing one or more work from home careers, the availability of best-fit jobs is heavily dependent on your career and educational background. However, the landscape of at home careers provides a bit more flexibility when it comes to that experience and education, especially depending on what type of careers you’d like to pursue. 

Recruiting and Sourcing Careers

Would you like to experience the joy of helping other people find jobs? If you’re considering changing careers or are looking at new careers, you understand the importance of a difference the right job can make in someone’s life. 

How to Become a Recruiter

Recruiters often work directly for companies or recruiting agencies (this might be your best bet if you’re looking for a steady paycheck rather than a role based on commission). Most or all of a recruiting role can be done remotely. Recruiters typically:

  • Meet with clients to determine needs and fine tune job descriptions
  • Hunt for prospective candidates that meet the expectations of the clients
  • Conduct screener interviews with candidates
  • Arrange multiple interviews with hiring managers

Most recruiting roles require at least an associate’s degree, but if you have significant business experience or many anecdotes about networking, you might be able to land a recruiting role without that level of education. 

While the rewards of this job involve helping people land life-changing opportunities, there are a few drawbacks. Some recruiters find it difficult to maintain a work-life balance, especially when working from home, because candidates and managers might be trying to contact them at all hours. Additionally, clients or managers can be challenging, as they have an ideal in mind and may not settle on the person you believe to be the perfect fit for the job.

How to Become a Sourcer

Recruiting sourcers handle the headhunting part of the job search for the candidate. They spend lots of time online looking for people who are interested in new careers. If you already enjoy being on LinkedIn and communicating there, this may be a good fit for you. Sourcers do cold outreach to candidates, over LinkedIn and email, and ask if they are looking for a new opportunity. 

Once they establish a potential match and a spark of interest, sourcers hand the process over to corporate recruiters. 

This role is one of several rewarding careers for someone who likes chasing the next best thing! If you enjoy communication and you’re organized, sourcing could be very rewarding for you. The downside is that most sourcing roles are commission-based, so you have to perform and produce to get paid. You may also be a contract or freelance worker, so your position will not include benefits like health insurance or paid time off. 

Sourcers generally don’t need a set level of education. You should have good email etiquette and work experience demonstrating organization skills.

Content Creation and Management Careers

The landscape of published content is changing at a rapid pace. Publishing and information distribution are often the initial ways the public notices changes in technology, and the present time is no different. With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-enabled tools to assist with the publication process, people are nervous: in fact, it’s an opportunity to learn all about how to interface with AI and how to use AI in an ethical manner.

How to Become a Fact Checker

Because of AI in its current state, fact-checking is a career growing in importance under content creation and content management, especially when looking at online or work from home careers. As a researcher, you’ll fact check AI-created or AI-spun content for accuracy. This involves knowing which sources are considered reliable. Any educational background in research will help here.

How to Become a Content Writer

Do you like the idea of writing websites, online ads, blog posts, and other content for online consumption? Your ability to interview experts and create content that clearly describes their ideas and visions is quite valuable — and something that isn’t able to be automated yet. Content writers employ their ability to create copy that is:

  • Educational
  • Persuasive
  • Conversational

This type of content ranks well on Google and other search engines because it’s genuine and answers questions people look up. (Writing for the purpose of answering questions or harnessing answers to related queries is called “semantic search engine optimization.”) The overall search engine optimization (SEO) skill greatly increases a writer’s ability to earn. This is because their writing can potentially rank on Google (show up on the first page) and lead a reader to become a buyer for the business hosting the blog. 

In addition to the writing and research, you could also eventually manage blogs. This involves working with a team of writers (possibly including AI) to create a plan for quality content and a timeline for producing it. Content managers have to establish processes for getting things done — like Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), documents that are valuable in any industry.

Are You Looking at New Careers?

If you’re ready to pursue one of these work at home careers, reach out. We are here to facilitate connections, help you improve your resume, and to make sure you find the right resources for exploring new careers.