Explore These 8 Great Work-From-Home Careers

If you’re dreaming about careers that let you work from home and avoid the commute, or you need to be home to care for children or aging loved ones, an at-home job can be a great choice. Thanks to a shift in how the working world has operated in the last few years, finding this kind of employment opportunity is also easier than ever.

Are you ready to explore the options for working at home and having a job you enjoy? Here are eight of the best options for work-from-home careers.

1. Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant (VA) can be very rewarding, and can keep you busy with different tasks that make the job interesting. Some VAs have specialized skill areas, such as accounting or real estate. Other virtual assistants help people in a multitude of different careers by handling a lot of their basic tasks.

If you work as a virtual assistant you’ll take over a lot of administrative needs such as answering emails and phone calls. Some VAs also help with marketing, schedule meetings and appointments, and take payments for the company. Careers in this area can be enjoyable, and if you’re freelancing you may be able to work for multiple clients to increase your income, too.

2. Graphic Designer

Do you like to draw, create logos, or make infographics? If you enjoy those kinds of things you might be able to work as a graphic designer. Whether you sketch things out from scratch or use computer programs to help you, there are great options available for people with artistic talent.

You can work for yourself as a freelancer or apply to remote positions with companies looking for employees. Either way there are careers in this field that can really be enjoyable. Bringing your clients’ visions to life can also help you build a portfolio of graphic design work that could increase your client base.

3. Transcriptionist

If you type well and quickly, and you have good hearing, you might want to consider work as a transcriptionist. You could be asked to create a written script from a video you’re listening to, for example, or you might be working on closed captioning. Transcribing audio is extremely important, since it helps those who can’t hear process information they need.

Not everyone who works as a transcriptionist will work with video. You could also create a written transcript of an audio file or a podcast. Depending on the client and the kind of work they do, a transcriptionist might be very busy or may have the time to take on additional clients for an increase in income.

4. Translator

Do you speak multiple languages at a native or near-native level? If you do, you may want to consider working as a translator. You could help facilitate interactions between individuals and businesses that might otherwise have trouble communicating with one another. 

Translation can be a job with a lot of value for you and for your clients, making it enjoyable and rewarding on many levels. When you work from home as a translator you often translate websites, written documents, videos, and audio files into at least one additional language. Attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy are very important.

5. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the most popular work-from-home careers. Why? Because it’s something a lot of people can do, and there are many available opportunities. Whether you’re a new writer taking small jobs for a few cents per word or a more experienced communications professional looking for a full-time option, you have choices.

Writing well is very important, and the ability to self-edit and meet deadlines also matters. Many freelance writers work with multiple clients at one time, and they need to be sure they can stay organized and motivated on their own. Of course, being able to write in the client’s voice and tone, and taking constructive criticism, are also valuable skills for this job.

6. Nanny

Working as a nanny can have its perks for anyone who likes children but isn’t looking to work in a daycare setting. Whether you’re working from your home or your client’s home, you can get a lot of joy from this kind of career. Some nannies also live with their client’s families, which can significantly reduce your living expenses.

You must be good with children if you want to look into this kind of career since you’ll be caring for at least one child on a nearly full-time basis. For the right person, though, working as a nanny can be the perfect opportunity to stay home and can become a remarkable career that creates a bond with the children and their families.

7. English Teacher

Teaching English to students who aren’t native speakers is a great way to work from home and teach children and adults. You can teach full-time or tutor based on the hours you set for yourself. Some teachers and tutors are more freelance-based, while others work for companies that help people learn new languages.

Whether you’re teaching English to young children who are just starting out in school or to business executives who are about to be relocated for a career opportunity, making sure your clients have the right grasp of the language is very important. You can help people go farther in life by giving them the language skills they need for success.

8. Customer Service Agent

Customer service doesn’t have to be done face-to-face, or even in a call center where everyone sits at cubicles and answers phones. It can also be done over the phone or computer from the comfort of your own home. Many companies hire their customer service personnel from all over the world.

Keeping an eye out for jobs in the customer service sector can be one of the best ways for you to find a work from home job you enjoy, especially if you’re looking for something that’s full-time and fits around your schedule. You also get the benefit of helping people solve problems, which can really make you feel good.

With all the opportunities for work from home careers you have a lot to think about and plenty of different ideas to choose from. Depending on what jobs you like best, you might also be able to do more than one of the jobs on this list, and turn your work from home gigs into a very lucrative living as you expand your business for the future.